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Monday, February 11, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

If you asked me to go an out on Chinese New Year via WhatsApp macam lepak mamak ke zzzzz or pergi Dpulze kat Cyberjaya and you found that I didn't text you back yeah, that's probably I was not at home or my phone didn't connect to the internet. I mean, the internet worked, but it's just my device relied on wifi most of the time. Sorry sangat3, Fatin! 

So, here’s the thing. I *ahem* I family and I (The Js lah bebeh) went to the Cameron Highlands...Actually, it was ibu has been wanting to visit Cameron Highlands since we had OTP last year, recalling the plan of going somewhere away from Selangor and also ibu nak sangat makan strawberry. Rasanya Giant dengan Tesco pun ada jual strawberry tapi nak juga rasa yang kat Cameron Highlands punya, so why not, kan??

We went there for a half day since Anis got many things to do with her school kind of stuff as well as my short time semester break is about to end. Sobbing. And of course, Amirul was always busy with his sepak takraw event. Tsk tsk tsk

Back to the main topic. The quality time most spent at the Cameron Valley Tea House sebabnya kalau pergi atas lagi memang jam and time-consuming sebab masetu dah pukul 2.++pm dengan rasa panas macam nak muntah dalam kereta, pening kepala, alamak tak seronoknya :p

Look at these strawberries that ayah bought! It reminds me of Mimi 3 years back when we were in Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan. Ok there's a real story behind it. 

Dulu3 masa kat KMNS, Mimi cakap it's kind of fancy if you guys dip the strawberries into the melted dark chocolate and then eat them. Rasa dark chocolate meleleh dalam mulut cemtu. Hehehe masetu ingat lagi tengah stress siapkan tutorial biology chapter metabolism dalam bilik. Bila Mimi datang bawak strawberry dengan chocolate, it felt like the combination of these two just lifted a huge burden of mine. 

I know  my photography skill is kind of low. 

And in the early evening, we had high tea with teh tarik and err slices of cake! Ayah bought a slice of chocolate cake and err honestly to say, I totally forgot what flavor of the other slice is, tiramisu ke nescafe, umm nevermind tak penting pun :p

The green scenery of tea hill. 

Here's a picture of Anis posing ala ala dak hipsturrr and Amirul kikiki doing his part time job, taking pictures of his beloved sisters. 

Photo credit to Amirul.

There are hundreds of photos we took at this place since kat sini redup sket and the background look stunning (for me la, kan korang taktau macam mana hehehe). So at 5pm we back home to our place in Selangor and still kepala pening rasa macam nak muntah dengan jalan yang zzzzzzzzz


  1. Wahhh, bestnya! Saffaa pun lama dah tak pergi Cameron Highlands ><

  2. Hi Lyannelle, I went to Cameron Highlands last month..
    I had so much fun there.. I have posted the story on my blog..
    Indeed, strawberry & Cameron Highlands memang tak dapat dipisahkan.. ;)

  3. Wahh dah lama tak pergi Cameron. Rasa nak pergi la pulak hihi

  4. aduii sedapnya strawberry tuu..lama tak gi Cameron...


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