2018; Sum up

Friday, December 28, 2018

I'd like to say that, i'm too busy to write but it would be a "lame excuse" since I've started writing a dedication blogpost most definitely to my future self, who I believe will definitely take some time off, reading my old blogpost, reminiscing all those good times, wondering how much I have changed over years, especially being 20 in 2018 (cuz I once said, being 20 sucks :p)

It's just as a sum up: of how meaningful 2018 has been.


Right before I went to UTHM, mr-sweet-talker bought me snickers as 8hrs survival kit in bus. But, really, A. Faiz sometimes was being just too sweet especially when he sent me this sticky note written, 

"Kau makan sekarang!"

Rainbow appeared after A. Faiz and I met, emm can I call this a sugar talks??

Aaannnddd, gazillion thankies to this anak kelate, Alya :) we would stick together in the first place, hahahaha, but, we go into different bed at most nights, ok.

So, lemme introduce a roomate of mine, Kiera. She's one of BTS fans (err, i'm not so sure what are BTS fans are called??) #sorryimnotakpopper But, one thing that i learn about friendship is that age doesnt matter when we are with 3-year age gap. 

We don't mind the gap!
tepek gambar Kiera graduate diploma kat dahi :p

Who says we cant selfie while dobi-ing?!

Lastly, to my kaklong, Sarah a.k.a twin sister, who born on the same birth day of mine, i'm so glad to make her as friend along with A. Faiz when the world hit me up :)

Tido pun boleh dapat result gempak, hehehe

 I own two kittens; Tiffany (deceased) and Sufian just in 2018. They are both the furry felines, little aloof and of course, they are love. 

I love cat, FULLSTOP

tido sampai terteleng kepala kau, dik

Finally, theres no word can describe, how much I love you guys at home! See you when I see you on semester break!

P/S; in the mood of finals :p

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