KPM-UTHM games 2018

Sunday, November 4, 2018

They said the month of October is considered the most depressing month. The commitment between two —classes and silat tournament reaaallyy threw me off the track. Both need to be settled down at the end of October and i cant make it on time for those grouping assignments, english presentation, midterm, lab report and such. The pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue have driven me crazy since i refused to join KPM-UTHM international silat game in the first place and i wasnt prepare myself physically and mentally for a week stressful of a training center. Ughhhh, the 7.30am jog every morning had turned me into a monster but yet nothing i can do except finishing what i've been started.

So, i leave you guys with these pictures below, hehe :)

i wasnt prepare myself to join the game but yeah, here i went.

you got to, believe me, Intan's photography level is the max!

Again, it was Intan asked us to lay on the pebbles for a sake of good pic

Here's the team. We made two golds and a silver

Next game will be at UKM!

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