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Monday, February 11, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

If you asked me to go an out on Chinese New Year via WhatsApp macam lepak mamak ke zzzzz or pergi Dpulze kat Cyberjaya and you found that I didn't text you back yeah, that's probably I was not at home or my phone didn't connect to the internet. I mean, the internet worked, but it's just my device relied on wifi most of the time. Sorry sangat3, Fatin! 

So, here’s the thing. I *ahem* I family and I (The Js lah bebeh) went to the Cameron Highlands...Actually, it was ibu has been wanting to visit Cameron Highlands since we had OTP last year, recalling the plan of going somewhere away from Selangor and also ibu nak sangat makan strawberry. Rasanya Giant dengan Tesco pun ada jual strawberry tapi nak juga rasa yang kat Cameron Highlands punya, so why not, kan??

We went there for a half day since Anis got many things to do with her school kind of stuff as well as my short time semester break is about to end. Sobbing. And of course, Amirul was always busy with his sepak takraw event. Tsk tsk tsk

Back to the main topic. The quality time most spent at the Cameron Valley Tea House sebabnya kalau pergi atas lagi memang jam and time-consuming sebab masetu dah pukul 2.++pm dengan rasa panas macam nak muntah dalam kereta, pening kepala, alamak tak seronoknya :p

Look at these strawberries that ayah bought! It reminds me of Mimi 3 years back when we were in Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan. Ok there's a real story behind it. 

Dulu3 masa kat KMNS, Mimi cakap it's kind of fancy if you guys dip the strawberries into the melted dark chocolate and then eat them. Rasa dark chocolate meleleh dalam mulut cemtu. Hehehe masetu ingat lagi tengah stress siapkan tutorial biology chapter metabolism dalam bilik. Bila Mimi datang bawak strawberry dengan chocolate, it felt like the combination of these two just lifted a huge burden of mine. 

I know  my photography skill is kind of low. 

And in the early evening, we had high tea with teh tarik and err slices of cake! Ayah bought a slice of chocolate cake and err honestly to say, I totally forgot what flavor of the other slice is, tiramisu ke nescafe, umm nevermind tak penting pun :p

The green scenery of tea hill. 

Here's a picture of Anis posing ala ala dak hipsturrr and Amirul kikiki doing his part time job, taking pictures of his beloved sisters. 

Photo credit to Amirul.

There are hundreds of photos we took at this place since kat sini redup sket and the background look stunning (for me la, kan korang taktau macam mana hehehe). So at 5pm we back home to our place in Selangor and still kepala pening rasa macam nak muntah dengan jalan yang zzzzzzzzz

Cerita siput sedut.

Monday, February 4, 2019

*OTP dengan ibu before final exam*

Kereks: Ibu, balik ni akak nak makan siput sedut!
Ibu: Ha eloklah. Nanti balik 'kita' masak sama-sama. Anis pun ada kat rumah boleh tolong buangkan belakang siput.
Kereks: Akak, nak order dengan makan je boleh? Tapi taknak tolong masak.


Ok la ok la, kalau nak makan siput sedut kena rajin tolong buangkan lumpur dengan 'ekor' siput.

Such a caring ibu!

Currently binge-watching The Big Bang Theory because I haven't done it in a while.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Being me, getting older, I notice that I started to lack of interest in binge-watching. And on a side note, I dont watch tv much unless it's a social event. Like, let say my friends ask me, if I wanna join them watching drama maghrib TV3 online, I'll say 'OK' or 'korang tengok dulu k, nak siapkan kerja jap' 

Just in case you guys are wondering, I was never huge fans of movies. In malay terms, they go for bukan kaki movie. Bak kata Ayu sedih noksBesides, after I went to boarding school I've never binged onto movies in cinema anymore like ever since. Outing pun cuma dua minggu sekali. Terrific. You know what this means, dont you.? So as a result, I dont really follow up with the new movie releases in theatre. Let us make it simpler, now I just dont belong into the movie-watchers' club. Well, I seem to get very picky on movies I want to watch. They just arent my cup of tea and you should probably know that I am good at GUESSING on what will happen in the next scene or episode (Oh! spoiler alert, that does happen).

Everything has changed when there was one time in the last semester Kiera and I binged on horror movies since I am too scared to watch them by my own. It's either I wont watch them or I only watch them with Kiera at uni. Kiera is just an expert when it comes to choosing the best horror movies sebab Kiera kaki movie seram paling tegar I have eveeeeeeeer known in my life! In my usual style, saya akan tengok sambil tutup muka pakai bantal. The other day before the final exam, I used to watch Final Destination with A. Faiz after we were halfway done revising on statistics and all I did was tutup muka guna tudung from the beginning of the movie till the end of it. Yes I know I'm being gedik all the time. It's spontaneous.

While at home, my other two siblings Iqbal & Anis, they're known as the movie person in the J's family. Anything to do with movies, they're all in. The fact that Iqbal used to download for free on the Internet since we used high-speed wi-fi and Anis, huh watching Riverdale streaming, setiap hari when everybody goes nighty-night.

And now, there's one thing I would definitely go for the semester break regularly indulge in binge-watching of all 11 seasons of The Big Bang Theory because I havent seen it in a while after I stopped at season 6 as I had followed up my studies back in Johor when I was 16.

Hello, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Long time no see.

Part II: the game of repeating

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Just realised I have completely forgotten about game of repeating which I've written in 2018. So, I think I should probably make a wrap of part II in 2019 since now, I'm staying at home with no fixed routine for the semester break.

So, as you know I re-took microbiology with the freshmen in the last semester. I still remember very clearly the last few weeks before the finale of semester three. There were too many negative thoughts have made me feel uneasy regarding the lab tests and also my poor lecture attendance sebab busy apa semua kan. But the courage to continue that counts. Chuckling to myself as I saw....

This is the carrymarks attached from the lecturers via ecomm and you got to see mine 44.9 out of 55%. But, that isnt complete yet as there is another 5% from Dr. Wee that I possibly may get 50 out 55%

That's huge marks, is it?? 

To get things clear, I am not so much a handy person when I am in the lab as I easily freak out when it comes to handling apparatus, reagents, the do's and dont's and those chemical stuff HCl, ethanol, acetone solution bla bla bla... Ooh man, I didnt expect this. I also wasnt prepared for this and that. Semua benda pun dah tak ingat dah. 

In great distress, I determined for not doing the same stupid mistakes in procedures when I was in Dr Raimi's lab. As a result, I collected 15 out of 15% when performing streak plate technique.  

Source, Google Image

I know I seem overreacted (#sorry) but there's a few things I want you guys to know that the microbiology final exam was much killing me. I couldnt answer those questions though they asked directly. For examples, explain the differences between diarrhea and blood shed, give two (2) types of microorganisms used in food industry....yada yada yada... you see, the fact that I'm an average in studies as I'm getting adult(er). It couldnt be sadder, is it??? In a contrast, A. Faiz and Sarah have done well (at least, dorang tak tinggalkan kosong)  So, let's pray if there's a happy ending in my repeating game :)

mood: takde mood

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hokie dokie.. finally I’m home at last. So, selama ni kau pergi mana??


Start living it!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Right now I'm dealing with one of my biggest weaknesses that I cant find a way out: comparing my life to others. it's already 2019 and I cant even fathom how my life is going. Currently enrolled in my second year and a half, doing a bachelor degree in applied science is not my passion. After 20 years of living, why I become so sudden, denying in what am doing??

1. So it begins like this; some of my ex-schoolmates are now flying abroad as they finished their IB(s) and some went to top unis. Besides, some received scholarships, doing demand courses/programmes and yada yada, you guys memang power giler lah!

2. Only this time, i just realized how much i have missed the opportunity back in 2015 when i called off JPA. What happened was, i managed to secure a seat in electrical engineering after SPM 2015 but to get the feeling of unease out of my heart (i'm not good at calculation and memorizing related formulae) i striked them off and chose biology.

3. Managed to get an 'A' for bio as i tried so desperately to drop physics. Let me tell you, at this moment, my life once in a while was such a blast since i believe i can do much better in pure bio at KMNS.

You're already settled, hitting one milestone after another, "so which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" -Ar RahmanObserve. Analyse. Be grateful. You're trying really hard after all this time. So, let's start living it for next sem!

2018; Sum up

Friday, December 28, 2018

I'd like to say that, i'm too busy to write but it would be a "lame excuse" since I've started writing a dedication blogpost most definitely to my future self, who I believe will definitely take some time off, reading my old blogpost, reminiscing all those good times, wondering how much I have changed over years, especially being 20 in 2018 (cuz I once said, being 20 sucks :p)

It's just as a sum up: of how meaningful 2018 has been.


Right before I went to UTHM, mr-sweet-talker bought me snickers as 8hrs survival kit in bus. But, really, A. Faiz sometimes was being just too sweet especially when he sent me this sticky note written, 

"Kau makan sekarang!"

The rainbow i took when i was on my way back home in Pinggiran.  emm can I call this as sugar talks??

Aaannnddd, gazillion thankies to this anak kelate, Alya :) we would stick together in the first place, hahahaha, but, we go into different bed at most nights, ok.

So, lemme introduce a roomate of mine, Kiera. She's one of BTS fans (err, i'm not so sure what are BTS fans are called??) #sorryimnotakpopper But, one thing that i learn about friendship is that age doesnt matter when we are with 3-year age gap. 

We don't mind the gap!
tepek gambar Kiera graduate diploma kat dahi :p

Who says we cant selfie while dobi-ing?!

Lastly, to my kaklong, Sarah a.k.a twin sister, who born on the same birth day of mine, i'm so glad to make her as friend along with A. Faiz when the world hit me up :)

Tido pun boleh dapat result gempak, hehehe

 I own two kittens; Tiffany (deceased) and Sufian just in 2018. They are both the furry felines, little aloof and of course, they are love. 

I love cat, FULLSTOP

tido sampai terteleng kepala kau, dik

Finally, theres no word can describe, how much I love you guys at home! See you when I see you on semester break!

P/S; in the mood of finals :p

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